Big Buds: A step by step ebook on growing at home


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I have serious worries, as a friend’s single plant in a pot really destroyed their apartment, once, long ago.

I’ve got to ask! What happened?


Oh it just stank to high heaven. Poor placement of the plant, near ducting, invited his neighbors to object to the smell. When moved as far from the HVAC ducts as possible, it was now essentially in a front window for all to see.


Two words: Bat poop.


A fan & filter removes pretty much all smell, and a little DIY can pretty much soundproof it too (allegedly).


Fans take a lot of electricity to run. I’d rather try outdoor and just see WTF happens with it, while continuing to go to a dispensary.


That they do. As for outdoors, I’ve noticed slugs seem to really, really like weed. I used to have a job looking after someone with MS, and he grew his own, so we tried putting some foot-high babies outside to see how they did. They lasted two days.


“Jay Cheeba”

I got a good laugh off that one.


I thought Mountain Girl wrote the definitive book on the subject.


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