Why 1/1/1970 bricks your iPhone


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Why yes, i think I will just keep using my iPhone4


I wish I’d been smart enough to say the same thing. And kept iOS 5 too. But, hey, having the headphone jack on the bottom is such a huge improvement.


Proof time travel exists! Why else would you need to right the date and time on an iPhone to 1/1/1970?


Yup, I will continue using my iPhone 4S and feel free to set the date back to 1/1/1970 whenever I desire. (Hasn’t happened yet.)

I do have an iPod Touch 2G which resets its clock back to 1/1/1970 whenever its battery dies. Good ol’ iOS 4.2.1 handles it like a champ.


This is the issue exactly. As 1/1/1970 is the Grand Epoch, devices will sometimes simultaneously set themselves to that date. If your household network timeserver decides to do this for some reason, it sounds like your phone could be in trouble.

What? Doesn’t everybody keep a time server under their sofa?


Ah yes, Cher humping a canon, Sir you are the master!


Nine months after that video she gave birth to a son of a gun.


You should never need to, because that’s the day the time machine was invented. (Actually, it’s just the first time they switched it on.) It is impossible to travel back before that time, for obvious reasons. Has nothing to do with UNIX or the Illuminati.


Depends. Stratum 3-4 NTP is fairly common.

A nice implementation of a stratum 1 (do I have the numbering right?) precision timeserver could be made with a GPS receiver and an Arduino with an Ethernet board.


Why is the explanation a video that requires me to be somewhere I can use headphones and watch a video, and not a news article that can be perused anywhere at any time?

Fucking balls I must be getting old if this is how reporting is going to work now.


Or is it just that that display on the time machine has an underflow error right around 1/1/1970 and all the time machines brick trying to cross that date threshold because of UNIX?


Now you just showing off!


It could be difficult to resist the temptation. Must… not… set… time… back… Must… not… Resistance… getting… lower… [brick]


Why 1/1/1970 bricks your iPhone

Because Apple’s developers can’t code for shit?


We should see if we can submit this theory to Alex Jones or Coast to Coast.


B-b-b-but it just works!


If people didn’t travel through time, why else would they measure it?

It’s also a scenario I could imagine many developers not bothering to accommodate. Since there is no pressing reason to assume that users are going to set their date to arbitrary past dates decades earlier.

I am more interested in enabling computers to use one’s preferred calendar, if one does not ordinarily use the Gregorian.


Has anyone tracked down the dick that put out the “Hey, set your phone’s clock back to get this cool retro iPhone theme?” thing that started all this? And hit them in the face with a brick?


Or is that what you meant?