Why are hackers so political?

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Maybe this will explain… It’s old but it still works.



When the normal and usual forms of enfranchisement and participation in the direction of your civilization become so eroded as to be transparently fraudulent, those who can find a way to effect any sort of change will do so - even, or perhaps especially, if that change is seen as destructive to those with a vested interest in maintaining the fraud.


Because fuck you, man.


Here was my version 5 years ago: http://dirtyhippies.org/2011/04/09/the-geek-manifesto/

There are more hackers in congress than lawyers now? I find that unlikely. Hackers may be more open, honest, and individualistic about their politics, rather than relying on shady deals and an old-boys’ network. But that doesn’t mean that other professionals are any less political.

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