Why are scammy lifetime subscriptions to online services still in the BoingBoing store?


Because scaring the villagers with tall tales they buy into means that I get food and shelter in exchange for pleasing the god of the anti-tiger rock.


Mess with the PopoBull, you’re gonna get the philosophical horns.


Not horny now… must sleepZZZZZzzzzzz…


You’re not anti-FREEDOM rock, are you?


I just bought a lifetime +10% no death guarentee. It guarentees that I won’t die during my lifetime or 10% after.
So I’m immortal now right?


For your pleasure:


Or are disappointed in?!?


Because people want power.


That a theory.

Can you provide any replicable proof for this?


Every government ever created?

Donald Drumpf?


Has this been published in a reputable, peer-reviewed journal?


Careful - you’re deadnaming!


But knowledge is power, bad science yields less knowledge and less power.

But your average person is not in government, they are a minority. Perhaps they are holding us back and curating a dunderheaded society against our best interests.


Is this the basis by which you measure all claims in life?

“This sex was good.”


You’re being deliberately obtuse. I’m not playing that “let’s pretend that you don’t understand how the world works and are an alien” game today.


The average person is either an artist or a scientist. The Conspiracy is to keep them from realizing this, and force them to live squalid lives with personal problems. It’s a very terrestrial problem. The rent-seeking of ignorance and incivility.


Scientific claims.

Otherwise I’m going to have to believe you’re just grasping for power. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oo-er! Sounds a bit rude!


What are “average” and “person” here as terms of art?

Citation needed.


I didn’t name it “power” but others have… wink