Why CNN gave Miley Cyrus top spot over Syria

You say ‘not practical’, are you SURE of that? Sure that a refugee doesn’t have a mind and a body? One that can create, invent, and produce? As far as I’m concerned they’re the ultimate citizen employees!

It’s only a radical thought in context, because the wrong things are considered socially acceptable.

We should seek to create that option, it would take FAR less resources than blowing people and infrastructure up and having to keep rebuilding. I’m really amazed people consider military intervention ‘practical’ now that I’ve learned from some better people.

Oh, I do! I very much do!

Maybe some parents will choose to stay in a war zone, but some would prefer to leave. . . and I like to think EVERYBODY would agree that it’s immoral to trap your children there with all that risk when there is a better alternative.

It doesn’t mean we have to make it hard, in fact . . . we should make it easy, let them carve out their own lives, right? And they should be allowed to go back whenever they want. We should give them options.

I’m starting to like your questions. I do, and each one of them is no less potentially awesome than my own children, when I open up my own monkeysphere and look at them it is mind-bogglingly painful . . . no wonder the best of us constantly go mad.

It’s important to save them, and all those in the Congo, and so very much more. In months, weeks, or days if we can.

If you want to help, maybe this is crazy, but we’ve got a few angles that we can’t find people considering anywhere else . . . and maybe there is a practical way to save them all? After almost two years of obsessing over nuts and bolts, we’ve finally gotten our passion back. If you can help us use that passion and insight to kick this into gear, it’d be appreciated.