Why conical burr coffee grinders are better than blade grinders

Weekdays, I use a small Capresso drip maker, weekends, a Melitta ceramic pour over. Since my current grinder is stuck on one setting, I haven’t done pour over in awhile.

From here.

I had a java presse like thing. Took forever to grind. (also not really adjustable on the fly).

I had a epare hand grinder which broke on the second day.

Years ago, I had a really fancy looking Peugeot freres grinder which loses tension in the handle/grind adustment knob, which makes it largely useless.

I’m really grumpy before my morning brew, so having tools that don’t work bothers me, yet I can’t afford proper ones. Grr.


No, the hack was certainly suggested by me back in prehistoric times when Usenet was a thing, but it was based on my experiences from even further in the past, and I was unaware that years later it was a thing with a name, let alone my name. I express my surprise somewhere in the Home-Barista.com thread Hoffman linked (friends had directed my attention to it).


It’s definitely a good idea to have a backup in case of a power failure.

Every UK plug and socket has three pins, but most appliances aren’t grounded (the earth pin on the plug is just plastic, and the cord only contains 2 wires). I’d be surprised if cheap coffee grinders were an exception. I don’t know though, I just use a Hario and have never shopped for one of these loud things

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I’ve been using a Krups spinning blade grinder for 20+ years to grind my coffee beans and my morning coffee is delicious. If I were obsessive, I’d spend a couple of hundred dollars and buy a burr grinder but thank goodness I’m not.

I also have a slim Hario manual grinder. When I get lazy or have to grind for more than one, I remove the handle and attach my cordless drill to the stem. Even though the stem is 5-sided in cross-section and the drill chuck is a 3-jaw, it grips well enough.

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Indeed. Everything is “double insulated” now, which is marketing-speak for “plastic shell”. There’s little point in grounding anything if the user can’t come in contact with metal parts. Not even consumer grade power tools are grounded anymore, for the most part. The notion of grounding appliances dates back to when things had metal enclosures.

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Save up for a good a hand grinder. It makes a world of difference! I started with a Java Presse and it was awful! Got one from a company called 1ZPresso (stupid name) and it is incredible. Grinds 20 grams of coffee evenly in 30 seconds. I love it.


A good hand grinder is the best for me. Super quiet, and grinds 20 grams of coffee in 30 seconds.

This is, in essence, why blade grinders aren’t coffee grinders at all, but rather spice grinders.

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and here i thought i was the only one that did that. i really do think it makes a difference!

There’s a knack to how it’s shaken.


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