Good deal on the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr coffee grinder

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I’m grinding coffee right now.


Can you replace the burrs? If you use it every day, the burrs are not going to last 10 years. One thing I like about the Solis/Baratza grinder I’ve had for about 15 years now is that Baratza is good about supplying replacement parts.


For those that haven’t tried it, fresh ground coffee really is MUCH better. And even with a burr grinder, there is some variation in size (there is a maximum size but there is some fine dust) and the really fine bits tend to make a bit of a mess. So mine is used on a casserole dish to make capture the fines that get loose when you remove the cup and make clean up easier.


Burr grinders break the beans into uniformly sized chunks

Ehhh, is that really true? Burrs can consistently deliver grounds no larger than a set size, but I feel like you can’t avoid getting some smaller bits in there, too.

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I bought one of these the last time Mark F recommended it. Have to say it is way better than my old blade grinder. I am happy with my purchase and now it is $7 cheaper than when I bought.

I wouldn’t says the grounds are “uniform” strictly speaking but I get very, very little coming through my french press and ending up on the bottom of the cup.


I’ve had mine more than ten years and it still works fine with the original burrs. That said, you can lift the burr ring out, so assuming they’ll sell you the replacement part (which I haven’t bothered checking, see previous) then it should be easily done.

My one criticism of the grinder is that all the markings rubbed off the dial in short order. Not a big problem for me since I do it by feel anyway, I wasn’t relying on turning it to a particular number.

Edited to add: If you Bing! “capresso replacement burr” you’ll find that yes, they will sell you the part.


I have an old kitchenaid burr grinder. almost 30 years old. I take it apart and clean about every 5 years or so. works beautifully !


There are two types of burr grinders: side ejection into the collection hopper and vertical drop. A number of the former have a problem of static electricity causing grinds to cling around the ejection port and eventually clog the grinder–leading to a burned-out motor. To avoid that, you have to exercise constant vigilance in keeping the darned thing clean. I’ve seen this happen more than once.


The better grinders can make a pretty uniform grind. The cheaper burr grinders will not be quite as uniform, but still noticeably better than a blade grinder, which will make a lot of dust. Over time, when the burrs become worn, the grind will be less uniform.

I’ve had this model for over 10 years, using it almost every day. It’s been great.

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I ended up debating getting this versus the Bartaza Virtuoso I ended up getting with the upgraded burrs for a solid month after Mark’s last post about this, specifically picked the Bartaza for the longevity reasons and replacable parts.

I have a feeling Mark’s reccomendation of this is honestly spot on because all my reasearch said the same thing he did- this gives a finer grind for Turkish more proper than the Bartaza, or any other sub 800$ burr grinder.

I went too long without a working one so longevity was in my mind and I love the Bartaza- it grinds as fine or finer than my hand adjusted Hario Skerton hand burr for pourover, but my girlfriend does not have a proper Burr grinder because I am just getting her addicted to coffee she can make herself…

I will probably get one of these for her, the reviews all echoed what Mark had written about it- finest grind out there, but more easily clogs. Still, tradeoff is fair.

I’m all for owning nice gear but remember reading blind testers can’t tell burr for blade ground coffee - does anyone have a study that shows it makes a diff?

I don’t have study results but my own experience is that the coarse grind it produces works better in my French press than my blade grinder ever did – less sludge in my cup. Beyond that, I’m quite sure it’s paid for itself in convenience over the 10+ years I’ve had it – instead of holding down the button on the fershlugginer blade grinder, trying to gauge the grind, every single morning, I just set the grind (once, ever, pretty much), turn the dial, and it produces grounds for me while I’m putting the kettle on. Minor convenience? Yes, but multiplied over 4000 days or more.


Yeah it makes a difference. If you use a blade-chopping grinder you get some very fine particles and some very course ones. Fine ones will sift through filters, course ones won’t extract as well. The result is muddier coffee. This makes less of a difference in something like a pour-over with a paper filter, but with other methods it can make a difference in texture, if not taste. Also, the wrong grind can clog some machines, so particle consistency is important for that reason too.

I bought this same grinder about two years ago and I’ve been generally happy with it, though static is a bit of a problem as @nonofyrpenguins pointed out.

This one’s great if you like an unservicable motor with bearings that fail in 5 years. A waste of $80 unless you like wasting money.

I’m peeing out coffee right now.


Yes! Biggest bang for buck is to freshly grind right before brewing, even with the whirly-blade grinders. Even stale beans are improved by fresh grinding.

Once you’re in the habit of buying (1, maybe 2 weeks from roasting), storing (I leave them in the bag and place the bag in a heavy zipper-lock clear plastic; freezer not required), and grinding just before use, then move on to a better grinder. Money wasted if you don’t get these simple and free steps down.

If your bean supplier can’t tell you when your beans were roasted, find a better bean supplier. Same goes for beer.

Coffee, beer, cannabis. Three of my favorite things.

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Why not save time with a cannabis-infused beer flavored with coffee?

But I like them as they are! At the same time, yes. Coffee + cannabis, yes. Cannabis + beer? Certainly. But not coffee and beer. We do we always gotta mix things up?

Sigh. OK, if I must I’ll keep an eye out. Although I think I have to wait 'til October this year until the edibles sales kick in. Stupid Dougie.