These 14 coffee and espresso makers are perfect for your java-obsessed Valentine

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I wish I could find a decent small coffee grinder to replace my long-dead Black&Decker burr grinder. Besides not taking up a huge amount of counter space, I want one that I can put in just the coffee I want to grind right now, because the next cup will be different coffee (either because I’ve had my one cup of real coffee for the day before switching to decaf, or because my wife wants a different type of coffee than I do, or because some days I’m in the mood for Ethiopian and some days I want something dark and heavy.

I’ve been using a hand grinder that I got as a stopgap, which works well and doesn’t take too much space, but B&D stopped making theirs, the only other small ones are the chopper-blade type, and most of the current ones are big things that work really well if you want to put in half a pound of coffee beans and leave them there.

How small is “small”? Krups still make a relatively small burr grinder, and there are many no-name small burr grinders still out there. Also, Brim make a handheld electric burr grinder that looks pretty interesting, though there seem to be some reliability questions.

If it’s the same Black & Decker burr grinder I use, it’s barely larger than a classic Krups spice grinder (which is often also used as a coffee grinder.) It’s a pretty surprisingly good grinder, especially considering the easy-on-the-pocketbook price. Kind of like the Mr. Coffee ECMP-50 espresso machine, in that regard. Both hidden gems.

Here is a review of some that are 5x the size and 20x the price you are looking for:

Ok I am not helpful

I bought my Barata Vario directly from their refurbished product page a few years ago. I use a small scale to weigh the coffee I want to use and then dump just those beans into the hopper. So it’s easy to pick a different coffee each day (or by the cup).

I recently bought a 1Zpresso JX hand grinder for $189 CDN, taxes included. Quiet, works like a charm and takes up very little counter space. Unless you have physical issues that present problems with using a hand-powered burr grinder or need to grind large amounts of coffee, their variously sized coffee mills work wonders for relatively cheap. I love the quiet ‘krrr’ of fragmenting coffee beans as I manually prepare my morning brew.

I think one of the best coffee maker machine i have ever seen is from Morphy Richards. How about that?

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