Why do dogs tilt their heads?

Why would dogs tilt their head to see over their muzzles when they are looking up to read our faces???
This makes no sense so its a bad place to start a scientific study!

The shape of the muzzle is related to the placement of the eyes and whether or not the eyes are optimized for looking straight ahead or peripherally.

Yep, humans do it as well.

Stupid question. Next article! :slight_smile:

The constant hand motion was pretty distracting. I want to tell the guy it’s okay to use your hands to help emphasize important parts of the script, but maybe pick a few points and not every. single. word.

To the point of the video, I’m in the “trying to hear better” camp. I’ll watch my dog go full head-tilt while I’m opening a can of dog food. Or just opening any can that might turn out to be dog food.

No, I would rather read the quick answer. Thank you.

I’ve heard that the hounds are the oldest specific group of dogs, but I didn’t know that they were closest to wolves. That’s strange to me, considering how even-tempered my coonhound is. I mean, in the nine years I’ve had him, he’s never bared his teeth even once.

I… hear you :heart:

The Russian experiments with selective breeding of Arctic foxes produced docile specimens in under 50 years.

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