Uncertainty over why rabbit prefers to walk on its front legs




Not a bunny owner, or a vet here. But, I did know someone with a bunny once, which got a bad infection of some sort, and caused permanent damage (brain damage?). After that the bunny always held its head at an unnatural sideways angle.

Wonder if it could be something similar.


Clearly, his little feet hurt. T_T


Head tilt in rabbits tends to be caused be E. Cuniculi, which effects the brain usually my making the rabbit dizzy. So it tends to always look and walk at an angle to compensate for the “spin”. Walking on the front legs would be an exceptionally odd symptom.


Learn this one weird trick to avoid being lunch!


Spider: “All right, new guy. Follow my lead if you want to live. No questions.”


Silly rabbit


Now the snake needs to perform an even more impressive feat to sway its keepers to feed it the hand stand bunny. Game on, snake.


Another article said the bunny’s back legs are crippled, and this is the only way it can get around.


Fuzzy little punk is clearly attempting to problematize the ‘quadruped/biped’ duality, as well as boldly challenging the implicit assumptions of ‘normative bipedalism’ through embodied art.

That’s at least a solid B+ in the right critical theory seminar, smart little chap.



You know what they say, carrying around a rabbit’s foot is lucky, except for the rabbit.






I’m trying to make a spider/trickster/trichinosis thing here but it just isn’t coming together.


< Brainspore> It looks like he’s hopped up. < /Brainspore>


dunno about bunnies, but my neighbor’s male pommeranian does this when he urinates.



mmmmm… hausenpfeffer. Looks like a pre-dinner acrobatic show to me.

Neurological disease? Never heard of it. Neurological disease? Never heard of it.


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