Bunny complete obstacles course by dismantling it


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Fuck this jumping shit stupid humans.


That is one deeply unmotivated athlete.

ETA: evidence on Youtube suggests that despite their reputation, rabbits don’t know how to run races either:


Conformist rodents:


Bunny can’t be bothered.


Fuck the dominant paradigm, man. Rabbits gotta rabbit!


Wabbit gotta win!


For a moment I read that as Andrew “Bunnie” Huang. Was the course reverse engineered?


I love how it didn’t just go around the hurdles - oh no, gotta take them down. They’re in the middle of the course. Tripping hazard, that is.

It’s not an unmotivated bunny, it’s just motivated by a spirit of safety-minded altruism.


As far as I’m concerned, this is the real winner. This bunny thinks for themselves.


Now, now, lagomorphs, please.

I have admiration, sympathy and pity for anyone trying to get rabbits to do anything on cue. It always seemed to me that there was more satisfaction and enjoyment in letting them act out their own goofy impulses. To each their own, though.


In defense of the bunny, it has no ability whatsoever to read the official rules. The genius part is that it probably knows that!


Wow, slow and steady really does win the race!

I think maybe that rabbit was looking for the Albuquerque turnoff for Pismo Beach.


Take that, Pavlov!


I wonder if the IV Army Corps is looking for a mascot? They could call him Alex.


Clever girl!


Smart rabbit. It deserves a bunch of kale. :3


'tis the bunny way.

Sometimes you’ve just got to grit your teeth and power through whatever’s in your way.


@anon30760835 Now THIS is interesting!


Honey Rabbit don’t care!