Bunnies vs. Kittens


All rabbits involved have been awarded Gold Medal of the Owsla and Hero of the Warren first class.


Much better with sound off.

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We put the first one with The Golliwog’s Cakewalk. Works nicely.

The third one is trying pretty hard to hump that cat.


From the suggested similar videos…
I had no idea that bunny jumping competition is a thing (although I guess that it makes more sense than some of the other critters)

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Don’t know about cats, but this past summer I watched one of the wild rabbits on campus here relentlessly chase a squirrel out of the area. Assumed the bunny had a nest somewhere in the vicinity.

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Growing up,one of our cats tried to sneak up on the pet rabbit while it was snacking on the lawn. The rabbit remained facing away from the cat, seemingly ignoring it up until the cat was a couple of inches away. The rabbit delivered a single kick launching the cat about 12 feet. Cat was weary of the rabbit from then on.


Can you run? I think not.

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Last cat wondering “Is that thing even alive? And can it hurt me?”

all very cute. except the first pic where the cat in question is playing with it’s very dead food

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The kids in the third video have it right; this looks like Mixed Species Martial Arts.

The first picture is definitely of a cat playing with a dead rabbit. Country folk knowledge.


Our golden retriever used to bring home live baby rabbits – we would stick them in a cage and make sure that they were doing ok before we let them go at night (probably to become an owl snack).

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