A bunny enamored with a cat "has no sense of personal space" in hilarious video

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I was about to reply with a video of our inseparable rabbit and cat duo, but this video has them beat.




Please do share!


Using speech to text these days, so please forgive grammatical and spelling errors
I think you’re kind of missing the point of what you’re saying in this video. At one point I had three cats and one bunny. These were all feral animals and it took a hell of a long time for the cats to get used to one another but when I tried introducing the bunny, what would you expect?
The expected did not happen, and what did happen I did not expect.
What you’re talking about here in my case was three carnivores and one herbivore. You might expect three carnivores to jump up take over the one herbivore like it was a rumble scene out of Westside Story.
Instead, what actually happened is that the rabbit who is infinitely smarter than all three cats put together, went up to the very biggest boldest nastiest most feral cat I had in the house, and just like what you are seeing in the video, the bun-bun hurled herself under the cat, flung herself on her back and started thumping that potential feline felon’s belly with those crazy rabbit feet.
Those wee feets o’the cotton tailed one are so fast and pummel so hard that you can hear the thumping, but the feet are only a blur.
As in this video, as the cat starts, running away, the rabbit stays underneath, and in this case, continuing her pummeling from below.
This rabbit, this herbivore, this little tiny thing kicked the stuffing out of this one big cat so hard that the other ones were in awe. They immediately stood back, saw what was happening and that changed their attitude immediately.
Every now and then, just to remind those guys who was actually boss the rabbit would occasionally get right back under that big feline and do exactly what you see in this video
Think about it. Seriously. What kind of an herbivore would intentionally go under a carnivore?
One who is boss.
That cat is not wanting to avoid playing, it’s trying to avoid another butt-whoopin’.
And yeah, it makes me laugh too.


The rabbit seems really interested in using the cat for cover more than anything. I.e. “if some predator comes along, they’re going to get you first.”


Most of this video is Benjamin terrorizing the cat, MacGregor, but this was recorded very early on. After some weeks they hung out and played all of the time.


MacGregor, “Have you the size of the big eared mouse!!!?” :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


I love the very end where Benjamin Bunny is fascinated with MacGregor’s moving tail. :joy:


Love how sweet MacGregor seems w/Benj- thanks for sharing this.


Thanks, we were fostering the rabbit on a temporary basis, unsure how it was going to go having two fuzzy murder machines running around the house. But the female cat was scared silly by Benjamin and stayed away, and MacGregor loved the company. So it worked out and we kept him.


Were the names purely accidental then? I get that associating Beatrix Potter with all rabbit owners is overdone but the names just struck a chord for me, especially given that Benjamin was even more mischievous than Peter.


That’s funny, I didn’t make the connection with that. The cat got that name because the wife and I were on some sort of Scottish kick at the time. Benjamin showed up years later, hanging out in the parking lot of a senior care facility by a large park. My best guess it was some idiot didn’t want him anymore and thought dropping a domestic animal in a county park was somehow a good idea. A nurse working there found him but she had two German Shepherds at home.


I was thinking it was a pun on Benjamin Button. I didn’t even think of Beatrix Potter. :laughing:

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