Watch: Rabbit pummels snake to protect her baby


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Wow! Don’t piss off Mrs. Josephine.


A friend who kept rabbits once asked me to hold one while he cleaned the cage. The rabbit took offense and kicked once. I had two deep parallel cuts the length of my forearm. Predator/prey relationships are complicated.


0:48 … “Mama, I’m gonna go outside and pet it… ok? … ok? … mama? …ok?”


Think that was more “Watch: Rabbit pummels snake for the murder of her baby.” Did not look like the little one moved after the snake let go.


There were two of them, you can see one of them bounce away at ~:22 The other one looked pretty dead.


Yeah I missed that the first time! Looks like there may have been a couple of others in the grass she was sniffing at too. All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that rampage!


I believe this is the sort of backyard-excitement that Pokémon was intended to simulate.

As a fellow mammal, I cannot help but cheer for the bunny, although that snake seems pretty chill.


Or: Asshole lagomorph assaults innocent snake who was just trying to have a nice meal.


Is that Tagalog? Just enough English mixed in.


“All right, I quit! I’m tapping out!”

(snake remembers it doesn’t have arms, can’t tap out).

“I’m such an idiot.”

(snake remembers it doesn’t have arms, can’t facepalm).


We’re onto you.


“But when he meets a she-bear she will rend him tooth and nail
For the female of the species is deadlier than the male” - Kipling.


Eat shit Rikki Tikki…this bunny’s a bad ass!


Anybody know what kind of snake that is? The snake got a few bites in which makes me wonder if the mother bunny survived.


yeah, I got kicked by a rabbit before. Much worse than when my cats try to kick me for rubbing their belly.


wondering that, too. I was guessing an immigrant family, since the children seemed to speak only english, but the father spoke… something?


I had absolutely no idea rabbits could do that.

I also loved when she hauled the snake down off the wall to give it some more.


I had an inkling, since one of the nicknames for my gf’s cat is ‘bunny feet’…


“… that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer!”