Squirrel has no time for snake's reptilian bullshit


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Nothing like high pitched screaming in my earbuds to make me want to watch a video.


If that snake had been just a little larger and more mature, that damn tree rat would have been lunch.

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If that were the case, I suspect the snake would have never known the squirrel was there, as it just quietly slunk away.


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Prey animals are not always such easy marks.


Female squirrel. Initially, looks like she was carrying some fluffy stuff for her nest.
Don’t mess with mama!


This reminds me of Pokémon

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I have to assume snek is not venomous?

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Move over Honey Badger there’s a new badass in town.


I don’t think it was a rattle snake. It was a garter snake. I didn’t see or hear any rattles and sometimes garter’s have skin patterns mimicking a rattler and they also mimic a rattler’s strike poise to fend of attackers. If it was a rattler it must have been a cold morning and the snake was too slow to strike effectively and the squirrel knew it, otherwise, that squirrel would have been breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Is that Tippy-Toes?



squirrel probably has rabies


Probably a non-venomous gopher snake - the patterning is very similar and they’re often mistaken for rattlers (they also mimic rattlesnake movements).


Trying to figure out what the squirrel is thinking. For all the world looks like it is trying to eat the snake, holding it to keep it from running away. No clue. Nature is wierd!


It’s a bullsnake/gopher snake. Nonvenomous, but they can deliver a reasonably uncomfortable bite.

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He thought squirrel was gopher. Snek have big surprise!

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probably a squirrel with babies. seems like a good survival strategy to drive off animals likely to eat your children, but to small to eat you.


That makes sense. She (I assume she) was pretty damn brutal about it!


it’s a ground squirrel. that snake is a natural predator/enemy. ground squirrels burrow in tunnels and that snake probably hunts baby squirrels.


Squirrel: Hey, snake, do you like Tom Petty? Let me sing something of his for you: Don’t come around here no more. Don’t come around here no more. Whatever you’re looking for, hey, don’t come around here no more.

Snake: WTF. Why are you people just standing there?! Help me out! I’m the good guy! These things have diseases! When’s the last time you heard of a person getting a disease from a snake??

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