Can you spot the venomous snake in this photo?


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Dude. It’s right there.



I’m almost 99% positive I took this photo a few years ago.

If not, I took a photo that looks exactly like this.


like RIGHT there!


my brain no worky today. not seeing it.
@frauenfelder please fix the link. thanks!

ETA and after switching back to the picture after looking at something else… yep there it is. yay!


The original photograph has been rotated. I think the snake is easier to spot when you know the orientation of the ground. Here’s the original:
Edit: Nevermind, Mark has now quoted the original and thus the photograph is now properly oriented.


Now it’s got two!


Growing up in California, the only venomous snake I ever came across were rattlers and I never actually saw them.


That’s a heckin good sneak, fren snek!


I noticed that, too. Looking at the right orientation made it way easier to spot.


I failed. Solution is in this tweet.

The left-side of the image almost starts to look like something if you treat it as a stereogram, but not really anything. (People still remember stereograms, right?)


I’m telling all y’all it’s camoflage!

ETA - found it. It just popped into my head clearly when I saw it. It was where I didn’t expect it.


Betteridge’s Law of Headlines tells me that the answer to this is always “No”.


It’s actually a trick question. You think you’re looking at the ground covered with leafy debris - you aren’t. In reality there’s not a single leaf - it’s all snakes.


I think it’s by that leaf.


Looks like a copperhead? I have a few pics like this from NC this past fall, where I guess they come out of the woodworks.


In other words, “no.”


Pretty snake is busy looking like dead leaves. Snake does not want to be seen by hawks that like to eat snakes. Snake also enjoys being invisible to mice that it likes to eat. Snake does not have any fucks to give about big mammals that might accidentally step on it.


I was going to put Stephen Miller in the photo, but my skillz are weak.