Caterpillar mimics a snake


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Dear internet: It shouldn’t be this hard to find a video of what this bug looks like when it’s walking. Please fix.


How one can look at this and still think their old & magical book is right is beyond me.


That’s some pretty shameless cultural appropriation, caterpillar.


I wonder what would eat a caterpillar but not a tiny snake the same exact size? That’s incredible.


Call me when it evolves into Metapod.


Something concerned about being bitten by a snake, I suppose.

A caterpillar bite, not so much…


I’m guessing there’s a local snake with that coloration that is very venomous.

There’s lots of precedent for non-venomous snakes mimicking the coloration of venomous ones, because local predators will have evolved to avoid those. Haven’t seen a cross-species version before, but it makes sense.


never underestimate directed evolution


The Unseen Watchmaker, writ large…


The Extremely Visible Watchmaker


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