Videos show marvelous caterpillar diversity


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I read the video title as “Singing Rose Caterpillars” for one utterly charming moment.


Me too, alas.


The Black-waved Flannel Caterpillar does remind me just a bit of someone.
Fred T, is that you Fred?


This little bugger looks very cute, but what you don’t know about this photo is that about 10 ms later, he/she/it stung me and I had a welt for days. I’ve learned my lesson.

New photo by Andrew Eisenberg


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I was going to say don’t most of those caterpillars, once you get past the fluff and pretty colors, tend to have stinging hair or venomous spines?

Puss caterpillar, courtesy of Donald W. Hall, University of Florida


So cute and fluffy. How can it possibly hurt?

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