Incredibly close call with most venomous snake in North America


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Video title should be “Proof some rattle snakes don’t bite people some times.”


Another possibility: “Proof some people will do almost anything for attention on Youtube”


“Most venomous” is not very accurate, “most dangerous” is. Coral snakes shoot neurotoxin that arrests your breathing, but they’re shy, have short fangs, and bites are rare. Rattlers shoot less toxic hemotoxic, tissue destroying venom, but there’s lots more rattler/people interactions.



I don’t know what to do.

He did not behave as if he was in a mortal danger. He did not ask his camera guy (girl?) to distract the snake or help in any way. I call shenanigans.


Thanks. The coral snake was the first thing I thought of. And I try not to be too familiar with venomous things.


Hello fren, I am snek.


At least one of the guys from the orchestra pit could have chucked a cymbal at it.


So this means Trump is out of the country?


Coming here to say the same thing. :slight_smile:


Saw one (coral snake) close up many years ago at a drumline camp. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Anyway, someone decided to drop a brick on it even though we knew is was mostly harmless (like earth). Immediately the dead snake was swarmed by wasps (yellowjackets). They tore it apart. It was a bizarre scene I’ll never forget.


Was this camp in some level of Hell by any chance?


And how would the cameraperson have been able to help, given that they were both trying to avoid frightening or angering the snake, which has a reputation for biting people that interfere with it? The cameraperson (probably not as good with snakes as he is) was out of arms reach, so they would have had to move to help, which would have alarmed the snake.

As for mortal danger, i doubt he thought he was in it. A person who goes out looking for snakes to video would be crazy to do so without an antivenom kit. But he was in a tense situation of significantly elevated risk, which explains his adrenaline reaction afterwards.

I think those shenanigans of yours are invalid.


Where? I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a king snake instead. I hate when fuckwads kill snakes for no reason, even the venomous ones.

Red touch black, safe for Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow. The coral snake will have bands of red touching smaller bands of yellow.


I’ve seen this before.


Agree with Kizontije. I’ve seen enough of this asshole’s irresponsible videos to realize that he most likely did not just “decide to take a break” in that spot. He probably found the EDB, then sat down at a safe distance and had the camera person help him by pushing it over a bit until it was dramatically close.


Trolling the snake, not trolling the snake, this is one situation where I would not at all be ashamed to be wearing adult diapers.


They woke us up at 5am to put on quads and run around the stadium for an hour before we ate so we cetainly thought so.

Central Texas. It was a micurus tener, a local variety of coral snake.


Don’t have much experience with snakes, do you? I do. The EDB does not have a reputation for being any more pugnacious than other snakes. Indeed, the snake WAS interfered with, just not in the way that you’re thinking, yet did not bite this fool. Nick The Wrangler is nearly universally despised in the herpetology / herper communities for his deceptive “hair-raising” antics and the negative fearful & hateful reactions they provoke towards wildlife.
BTW, I don’t know what an “antivenom kit” is, unless it is one of those “cut & suck” devices that fell out of use among herpers 30 years or so ago. Neither I nor anyone else I know that goes out looking for venomous reptiles (and that’s a LOT of folks) can afford to carry even one vial of highly perishable antivenin with them at $10,000 a pop! Best you can do is have a partner, and know how far you are from the nearest hospital where CroFab or other antivenin is available. A bad envenomation could require 10 vials or more, so upwards of $100,000 for that alone. A couple weeks in the hospital, maybe a little surgery, rehab, that could be a quarter mil!