Man grabs live rattlesnake at his kid's party and tries to pose with it but it bites him in the face


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This might help.


Man grabs live rattlesnake

Cut a large V into the bite, and suck the poison out. Get back to me with the results…

PS. Spit the poison out, don’t swallow it.


I hope his dumb ass gets a bill for the antivenin.


From the linked USA Today article:

“If they can get their airway established, they’re very lucky,” Curry said. “That is, you’re lucky to have been bitten and been able to make it to the hospital in just a few minutes in order to have those emergency procedures done that are needed to save your life.”

No, doc, you’re a little mixed up there. Getting the airway in before death becomes certain is indeed lucky, but the “bitten by a rattlesnake” part was extremely unlucky. The bit about the airway just gets you back near break-even, luck-wise.


What I’d like to know is if the innocent rattlesnake survived its ordeal. Hopefully it wasn’t too traumatized!


in this case though, ‘luck’ is breaking even with ‘lack of judgment’


Trump supporter.


After being bit twice, once on the chest and once on the face, Pratt said he knew immediately that something was wrong,

Really, that was his first clue? Myself, I would guessed something was wrong the moment the little voice told me “hey, pick up that rattlesnake and show the kids, it’ll be fun!”

having been bitten once before when he was 19.

I’m amazed that he learned the “What to do when bitten by a rattlesnake” part but not about don’t get bit in the first place.


…and is planning to move to Florida.


Life is hard. It is a lot harder when you are stupid.


Fortunately, because it wasn’t the first time he’d been bitten by a rattlesnake, he knew he was in extreme danger and got immediate help.

Fight Club - I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise


Poor guy. That really sucks.

I fell like most human beings are bad at evaluating risk, no matter where they are on the spectrum of intelligence.


Well, to be fair, he is sorta learning…


I agree, but at least he got a couple bites in and escaped being BBQ’d alive.


Fortunately, because it wasn’t the first time he’d been bitten by a rattlesnake, he knew he was in extreme danger and got immediate help.

One does need to be bitten by a rattlesnake at least 3 or 4 times to understand they are dangerous. I mean! Who knew??


I see what you did there and like it.


Of course the actual cost of rattlesnake bites is unknowable, since it’s hidden in a labyrinth of billing and hospitals are able to ignore ACA requirements to publish prices. However, here’s an article showing an initial hospital bill of $153K.

In summary, rattlesnakes and the Wu Tang Clan have much in common.


I reckon a possible outcome of putting a snake on a BBQ is year after year of people saying, “I know you cleaned the BBQ again, but it still has that funny taste from that time you burned a snake inside.”

Seems you’re not actually supposed to do that.


The man’s name is Pratt.
In the UK, “prat” is a slang word meaning a fool.

What we have here, folks, is a clear case of trans-continental nominative determinism.