Woman taunts snake


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The girl’s crazy. One too many hits with the snake.


I’m fascinated by her response to the strike: "That’s going to be a good one!"
Am I to assume that she has a YouTube channel full of videos of her doing baby-talk to snakes as they get defensive and then try to protect themselves?
Is this her hobby?


I wonder how she is with bears.


I had a hognose snake respond that way to me once. Admittedly I was trying to help it out of a gutter it was trapped in and once it was out I was smart enough to leave it alone.


The funny thing to me is this is human nature. I live in the Northeast and I watched my 74 year old father do this very same thing to my 15 year old daughter. She was in a terrible mood (yes read into that exactly what you think because that is exactly what was causing it) and he quite literally did exactly what this lady did. He stood over her as she was laying on the floor minding her own business viewing Instagram on her phone and he kicked at her. I KID YOU NOT! He kicked at her tapping his foot against her and in a mocking and condescending tone just like this woman was all “What’s wrong…what are you doing…huh? huh?”

I could not believe my eyes and ears. A grown 74 yr old adult was mocking his teenage grand daughter like he was a freaking 6 yr old!!! She smacked at his foot and gave him eyes that would have shot daggers through his soul.

I then stepped in and said “Look…if you keep messing with her, she is going to get more pissed than she already is, then I am going to get pissed. leave her alone”

He of course took offense and gave me the “Respect your father” bull shit speech to which I replied “Act like a god damn adult then!!!”


Stupid stupid-person: snakes don’t have ears. Your taunts fall on…well, nothing.


“He bitted my thumb”

She don’t cotton to no fancy book lurn’on bout no snakes, neither.

PS. Thank you Alabama.



But they DO communicate in “baby-talk.”


Yes they do!


“He bit at my phone”

Clearly you are not from Alabama :wink:


I’m not going to say anything mean about her: at least she shows no signs of now going to fetch a shovel or shotgun.


I said “no ears”. I didn’t say “can’t hear”.

/ also, when you’re near a Komodo Dragon, you don’t have to whisper.

// you do, on the other hand, have to run!


Seems more like a Florida thing.


But they DO communicate in baby talk. Yes they do!
Who communicates in baby talk, YOU do (little snake), you do!

A little clearer this time?


Now, who wants a tickle?


At least it wasn’t a badger…



Is anyone else hoping she lacks the knowledge to distinguish venomous snakes from the non-venomous?


Not at all. Mainly because people thinking that snakes are poisonous are why instead of teaching their tail they touch their heads with shovel.