Watch a rattlesnake strike a GoPro camera


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Because of the time of year I was already thinking about a ghost story from East Tennessee about a fiddle player who could charm rattlesnakes. One night he was playing for a whole pit of them, dropped his bow, and when he reached down to pick it up they all struck at once.

The story is that sometimes at night you can still hear him playing.

It doesn’t work as well with a shutter click.


Great, now I have that writhing pit of death in my memory.


I’m pretty sure this video is a metaphor for something, but for what?


Stupidity and dudebro assholishness.


Snakes: hey, if we all get together at the pit, everybody can get laid and we can all have lots of babies!

Human with camera on a stick: I b filming ur naughty snake orgy, to post on utube.

Snakes: hey, this is private business, piss off! (bite, bite, bite)




Unicorn catcher?


Maybe don’t fucking antagonize them then you wouldn’t have lost your gopro, dude.



As much as he outright poked at them, they struck a lot less than I’d expect.

I’ve seen nests like that in person where the desert cousins of those guys live, and they seem a little more ornery. Their buzz sounded a lot like flying locusts to me.


So I’m the only person here that thinks that the baby ones are cute right?
I’m also wondering how he got the camera back, wait until it goes dark and cold?


Why does this doofus insist on pissing off snakes. This was probably really stressful for them. It’s not like they scute into his bedroom when he’s trying to get it on, and start poking him and his partner and crap.


GoPro. Why did it have to be a GoPro?

Humans. Very dangerous. You strike first.


Interesting how they are aggressive towards to camera when it is held above them but not when it is lying amongst them.


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