Guy places GoPro over blackbirds' nest, captures amazing video of babies hatching

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Great, now those birds think the Go-Pro is their Mom.


“Mommy, where are you?”

Last year a mama mallard set up a nest behind bushes in their front yard. I put a game camera out, but limited to only 10 pics a second one pic ever 10 min. I figured when they hatched I could change it and get some cool pics of the ducklings.

But nope. After they hatch they stuck around for about an hour and then took off. So I have like 100 pics of a sleeping/sitting mama duck, and 6 pics that include a duckling.

Gave the camera to my dad, so I guess we will just have to watch manually this time.

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When my kids were little, a robin decided to lay eggs in a hanging flower basket outside our door. I took photos daily until the fledglings were gone from the nest (never touching anywhere near them, so the parents didn’t freak out). It’s absolutely amazing to watch as the feather quills start to break through the skin.


Someone needs to learn the difference between “hatching” and “hatchling”. The guy may have filmed eggs hatching, but this video only shows hatchlings. But whoa, good thing it was a camera from a specific brand!!!


Not only did friends of mine do this BUT they also captured the snake that climbed the wall and ate the chicks. They just didn’t post their video all over the place…

Please, don’t do this. Really.
Not only you are disturbing the birds, which can make the parents abandon the nest, you are encouraging others to do the same.
Bird watchers know this, and they don’t photograph nests.

Why is it necessary to specify GoPro in this case? This is one video where being a GoPro really make no difference at all. It’s not an action shoot.

If the headline had been

Guy places Panasonic camera over blackbirds’ nest

would the weird product placement have jumped out much more?

Either BB should admit they are sponsored by GoPro if they are, or they should recognize how successful GoPro’s “grassroots” advertising campaign has become, since they are getting bloggers to constantly advertise for them for no reason at all without even realizing it.

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