Amazing floating bird caught on video


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[Joke shamelessly ripped off of Twitter from this morning, because I’m not a whuffie thief like most Twits.]


I use similar cameras (HIKVISION) and my big complaint is that the software sucks. I have mine set to record 24-7 to a NAS box so I have video, but all of the features for motion detection are pretty much useless. I’ve looked for better software but haven’t turned up anything. I actually ended up buying Arlo cameras because the software is so much better even though the cameras are way worse.

Any suggestions for better software?


Have to agree w/you about their (HIKVISION) camera firmware!


Birds play along to help maintain the Matrix illusion that gravity is real!


You aren’t the owner of this video by any chance, are you?

If so, I saw in the comments that NVR motion detection software found this. Which NVR?

If have a QNAP NAS with Surveillance Station and it’s very meh. I ended up turning off all alerts because I was never able to tune it to an acceptable degree. Like I said earlier, I have 24-7 video so I can go back and find things, but no real time alerts and not good option for remote access.


No. Good luck.


“Oh shit! A camera!” FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP


We’ve sort of done that (in reverse) in entertaining a ‘live audience’ visiting our place of work. A large scale model glider mounted to a vibration shaker in a darkened room, with the shaking glider lit by a strobe light. We played with the ‘strobing’ in such a way that the glider’s wings could appear to be flapping slowly… like bird. We appreciated the ohhhs and ahhhs from the little kiddies!

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