Eagle-mounted GoPro




I would like to be an eagle for a few days. Yes, yes I would.


I will add this to my lucid dream mix tape.


A slightly more sophisticated wing suit.


God. It must be hell to be an animal, toiling all day. Flying seems cool and all but I bet birds thing jogging looks cool, well, they might if they didn’t have to toil to survive at all times.


What, you’re not toiling?


I like the totally-unwitting inclusion of a Philadelphia Eagles logo in the titles.


Viewing flight from the bird’s perspective was enthralling. Those casual early adjustments to avoid trees were very cool to visually participate with. However, I would imagine the eagle has far more acute optics than the camera.


Wow. Wow.


Decapitated eagle bites self.


I really have a hard time believing that they used a GoPro. It’s probably the least aerodynamic camera around - you might as well strap a brick to the bird. I doubt the bird would even try to fly with such a thing strapped to it.

Almost any other action cam would be a better choice. Personally I use an 808 #16 for small things like this, or strapping to rockets and planes and such, but there are other good choices as well.


Yeah, and on top of that - usually when somebody posts a video using a GoPro, they announce all over it that it’s a GoPro that they used. There’s no mention of what camera they used on this (although, I imagine GoPro is becoming one of those brand names that is ubiquitous with a class of products, like Kleenex)


Thank you. Thank you.


Oh that’s nothing.

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