Why Do-Not-Track browser settings are useless and what to do about it

I’ve started trying out the Brave browser which blocks a lot of stuff by default. You can also set it to make micro-payments to sites you visit in lieu of viewing ads which seems like a great idea to me.

I notice BB isn’t set up to receive payments though :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks. These are things that do need to be pointed out. Yes, I’m aware of the imperfections and ironies of using Ghostery. And of the ability to fingerprint browsers based on configurations. The only perfect solution would be to never use the web, or failing that, to use a randomized VPN and a freshly provisioned browser with a randomly configured set fonts, user agent and other options in a sandbox for each and every website visited. But I can only go so far… :-/

Ghostery has the same issue as Adblock Plus, selling users out. The free business model of both has some insidious incentives.

However, even though preventing tracking is a very hard problem, preventing malicious scripts is a thing. Running fewer scripts isn’t a perfect solutions, but it does mitigate some risk.


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