Why haven't we heard from any extraterrestrials yet?


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The machines will get here eventually.

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Are you kidding? Intelligent life wouldn’t touch us with a ten-[alien unit] pole.


Right, would you invade this mess of a planet?


I think the reason we haven’t heard from ETs yet is we aren’t as smart as we think we are and neither are they. Although the universe has been around for billions of years, there is no evidence of interstellar travel. I believe this is because before any civilization gets smart enough to accomplish interstellar travel, they destroy the environment or some other essential life requirement. We are certainly on that path here on earth.


Maybe there has been word from them, but it is just being kept under wraps for the safety of all involved.


Maybe we should be thankful.


“Why haven’t we heard from any extraterrestrials yet?”

Because they are delicious, and rightly fear our hunger.


We would, after all.


I love this explanation (and narrative arc)


Not invade as such, but maybe use it as a hazardous waste depot?

NB: if, however, Megadodo Publications chooses us as the site for their new accounts archives, we’re doomed.


If the aliens would stop zapping the Green Bank Telescopes and causing them to collapse, like in 1988, maybe we’d have heard them by now.


I don’t talk much to my neighbors, either.

I mean, they seemed normal until that I noticed that every single one of their friends wear gun or gun promoting clothing and stickers on their vehicles.

Do you what to meet the intergalactic version of Kristie and Steve ?

Or maybe we are Kristie and Steve and they don’t want to talk to us ?


And that’s exactly why our species is not fit for space exploration and colonization, even if it were possible right this very second.


Maybe they have already taken us over


Sadly, I must agree. OTOH, maybe we’ll get the ass-kicking we so richly deserve.


Or maybe we have and it looked like a coffee mug stain and we thought it was a coffee mug stain.


True, but we can dream, right? Maybe as our tools get better, observing these sorts of things will yield something other than an asteroid or a comet:


I prefer the theory that we are a quarantined wildlife preserve for mosquitoes.