Why human brains are prone to the black and white fallacy

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Sometimes (actually, it seems to me ALL THE FRAKIN’ TIME!) you’re not allowed any choices besides black or white.

/just finished a workplace test. Did it in english - atrociously writen text and questions: tested OK/passed. Redid the test but the french translation, much better text, clearer questions: aced it, despite all the weird/never-seen-before names and acronyms.


I really need to try to listen to the backlog of your podcast and read your second book. Really fascinating stuff most of the time.

Also, yes, I fight against the black/white menality all the time. It leads to making a lot of wrong conclusions, and makes empathy and understanding with people with different views much harder.


The podcast examples remind me of that first season of Survivor, where the eventual winner sold every other contestant into a binary alliance, negotiating his way to the final slot. It made me consider the whole 2 party political system as a machine designed to oversimplify the world and erase every nuance.

I’m sure parliamentary systems have their drawbacks too, but from here they seem like they could be less awful than this red/blue dichotomy.

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