Why I listed to Boards of Canada's "Music Has the Right to Children" more than any other album

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I applaud your excellent taste in music.


I agree wholeheartedly. Couldn’t have expressed it better - music to always be around.


Another is Substrata by Biosphere.


it’s a timeless classic. will always sound like the future and the past at the same time.


“Roygbiv” is one of my fav jams. The BOC brothers are super detailed and precise about the music they produce and it shows. Dissecting one of their individual songs will take you down an audio rabbit hole.


One of my favorite albums when I’m going for a long run in the woods and just want to melt into the environment. Just helps my brain to settle.


It’s an unmitigated classic. Organic, soulful machine music - so subtle and enveloping.

I particularly love how it sounds like it was found on tapes that had been dug up from some remote Scottish studio after mouldering unremembered for 20 years - feels like it has a real story behind it.


Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society does that for me; I do need to get BOC back into rotation, though.

Points if you know who Delia was.


great album. Campfire Headphase is even better, imo.


Wow, thanks for this! First time I had ever heard of DDAS. Listening to them now.
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(There are several remix albums as well - I got all of them because I wanted more DDAS and there isn’t any yet, so they go in the playlist on shuffle, which is almost as good as having more)

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This stuff is really wonderful! I found Wow and Flutter on Bandcamp and like it a lot! They have great sounds that are very electronic, but not at all typical.

My guess was that she was the woman who wrote the Dr. Who theme. I confirmed it by finding the Wikipedia article about her, which told that she mainly rearranged the original version by Ron Grainer, who she said wrote “Most of it”! :rofl:

My contribution to this thread is the New Zealand artist Rudy Adrian who makes very atmospheric and melodic electronic music. Not nearly like Boards of Canada (who I also love) or DDAS, but also wonderful sound for certain moods. The Healing Lake is one of my favorites of his.



Totally agree. I’ve had it on in the background probably hundreds of times. Along with a lot of Nicolas Jaar too. (I know, I know, they’re not all that alike.)

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It’s not remotely my preferred genre of music, but it’s a desert-island disc for me. A great record, start to finish.


YES!!! A few to mention which put me in the same headspace: Rafael Anton Irisarri, Chihei Hatakeyama, Hélène Vogelsinger, Vakula, Balmorhea, Steve Roach, Sherry Finzer, Carbon Based Lifeforms, the Orb, etc. Not to mention the greats like Eno, Budd, Guthrie. I recently discovered the motion picture soundtracks to Before The Flood and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Trent Reznor and Attic Ross which are also quite good.

There is so much!

I would recommend the radio shows Rare Frequency with Suzanna on WZBC and Ambience with Kevin on WWUH.

Many years ago ZBC used to have an awesome shoegaze show called FlyWeight with Petrina that was fantastic.


I listed to it too! It is well known that BOC make some of the best listing music.


Shit, I used to listen to BoC (and this album in particular) all the time, but for some reason fell off. This has inspired me to revisit them this week!

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Just the thing when you start to get bored of Canada

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Very cool, thanks. ::

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