Why journalists should be free speech partisans


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In our universe corporate management runs the news bureau strictly as a moneymaker competing with other forms of entertainment without any independence. Is it any wonder that some of those who somehow made it to an elite ‘respectable’ posting consider themselves above the headline grabber ‘trashy’ new media and don’t terribly care when the fake journalists undeserving of constitutional protection get censored or harassed. When your socioeconomic peer group has never been oppressed especially in your lifetime it is hard to understand the story of first they came for the…

The flip side of the moneymaker equation is that most Americans want infotainment or a cute kitty and real news doesn’t seem to sell as well as a flaming explosion shot or shock headline.

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I was wondering about this issue when I saw the journalists calling for Glen Greenwald to be imprisoned and tried for heresy treason. Were they that certain they will never be the ones who are out of favor with the establishment? If they are, are they actually journalists?


Privilege never expects sudden loss of privilege.


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