Why medieval monks filled manuscript margins with murderous rabbits

You liked it?

It was fantastic! To the point of really raising my opinion of Ryan Reynolds on several fronts. One regret: while I applaud Mr. Reynolds for sticking with this project for 11 fucking years and (hardly) backing down to the studio oafs, I kinda wish it had taken 12 years to come to the screen – because then the tiny hand gag could have included Trump. Oh, well…there’s always Deadpool II (I hope).

DP is just the right length (that’s what she said!), with just the right amount of self-awareness (“that’s, like, 16 walls!”), and just the right amount of gore (“that guy” [sliding off the overhead freeway sign as a puddle of protoplasm] “was already there when I got here!”). The opening credits alone are pbly worth 20% of the ticket price. The comedic pace hardly ever drops below Mach 1, because the script is absolutely jet-fueled; yet the central characters – Reynolds, Baccarin, and Miller – never let it fly out of control.

I have seen a ton of comedies in my life (holy shit I’m 62!) and I’ve got to rate this one in the top 10. (Warning: you will not want to see it just once – a second viewing is almost mandatory, there’s so much going on.)

Yikes – just realized you might have been asking if I liked the Bayeaux Tapestry. Well, to answer that question: Yes, I enjoy it very much…and for most of the same reasons given above for Deadpool.


Well, that explains…


She must be the nun from the old “Ah, but when you rub it, in turns into a suitcase!” joke. Anyone know that one?


sylvester the cat brings back a memory or two and now infamous raquel welch hosted a programme out of hollywood that show cased the low life

I really like the eyes on some of those rabbits; weird, vacant, maybe terrified of their own action.


I wonder what scholars 500 years from today will make of internet memes. I fear the sheer volume of them will drown out anything of value produced by civilization up to this point and future historians will have to conclude that we were all morons.


looks at the current U.S. Presidential election



Yeah, I guess there will be plenty of evidence other than memes to support that conclusion.


Maybe that is not that difficult. Monesterys used to have gardens. Big gardens. Fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Snail’s can be a real pain whith young seedlings or planted goods. And in a good snail year nearly everything is game. (Side note, in Northern Europe this year is a good snail year).

And after a big battle against the snail you feel like, or you whish for a battle Knight.


Could well be. The ones with knights surrendering to snails might just be very pessimistic scribes. But what to make of a snail and a rabbit jousting on the backs of monkeys? Maybe they were sometimes just amusing themselves without the art being anything really symbolic?


I’m a home for rabbits, it seems…

However, naming is a recent phenomena…

Rabbits go way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way back…

More ways forthcoming…

I was asking about the movie. I loved it. It was the only movie I’ve seen in the last few years that I could sit through without fidgeting, shifting, looking for more food to eat or looking at my phone to see how much longer I have to sit. I saw it twice in about a week.

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No, please tell it. At least in a private message if you don’t want to do it here.

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“To arms, brave Battle Knights! To arms! The Snails are coming!.. very slowly…”


Never underestimate a legion of snails. Lots and lots of Knights have found a slow and agonising dead.


It refers to the mohel (sp?) who made a change purse out of discarded foreskins…


Deadhood - It took 12 years to make!

“What would you charge for repairing this clock?”
“This isn’t a clock repair shop. I’m a mohel.”
“But you’ve got a clock in your window.”
“Well, what would you put in the window?”