Why Nardwuar is the best musician interviewer ever


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I’ve heard his name pop up over time but am not familiar with him. Really interesting guy, i will have to check out the TED talk when i have some time :smiley:


Check out his interviews as well. That guy is a treasure.


Doot doola doot doo.


I hate Blur now.

Actually I hated them before but this video rekindled the flame to a bushfire.


Nice tribute to Nardwuar for sure, and boy did Blur come off looking like absolute twats, except that Nardwuar managed to pull the interview back from the abyss and actually ended it well. His style is likely not to everyone’s taste or expectations, but that’s what helps to make him great, and make each interview a work of art.


He’s an annoying little brat, and I love him.

His interviews with Henry Rollins need to be watched in chronological order. Not to spoil the whole thing, but Nardwuar obviously has a huge fan-boner for Black Flag, and in the first interview Henry just bluntly tells him that he’s wasting his life. Nardwuar keeps it together after getting brutally shot down by his hero, and then gets up the courage to interview him again. Damn.


I think CBC Nightlines was cancelled because of him.
A menace to society.


WOW, I haven’t heard the name Nardwuar for decades, when he would pop up from time to time on CBC radio’s Nightlines and/or Brave new Waves!

It was a joy to hear that voice again.


Whoa! Time travel right where.


Would all interviews be on youtube or archived elsewhere? :slight_smile: Would hate to look them up and not know where to start or not knowing that i’m missing something.


^^ has lots of interviews.


Ah neat! :smiley:


Yeah, what a bunch of flaming dicks.

Also, thanks BB for letting me know about this guy! I had no idea he existed. Having a blast watching his stuff.


He also had (has?) a band called “The Evaporators”


He plays in 2 different bands, i can’t recall the name of the other one though. But seems that The Evaporators is his main one.


Nardwuar’s great. I love the interview with Nirvana where you can hear Courtney Love saying “How do you even know that?” He knew that because he’s got encyclopedic knowledge of music and does his research.


He used to have a show on WFMU, which I am lucky enough to be just close enough to receive. As weird as he is, he almost gets lost in the static of all the manic/amazing/brilliant/ horrifying $h!t happening there. I listened to him occasionally, but I only really tuned in for Best Show and… something I can’t remember the name of now.

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