Why The Healer Deserves to be a Hero

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I can’t listen to the podcast at the moment (and therefore don’t know whether they’re mentioned) but Murray Leinster’s Med Ship stories and James White’s Sector General series deserve a mention for SF focused on a healer/medic as hero.

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Also can’t listen to the podcast right now, but came here to point those out too.


Another nonlistener, come to mention Mad Max donating blood (willingly) in MM:FR.

Sorry, none of those were mentioned. But now you’ve got me interested so I’ll have to find them (and watch Mad Max, of course, but I was already planning to do that).

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I was gonna say. “Never” is a strong word, especially with the entire Sector General series out there, which came long before Star Trek emphasized a humane future and Star Wars purported to show wildly different species living together, and which lasted 37 years before James White passed away.

Linden Avery is a healer and a hero in Stephen R. Donaldson’s “Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”.
She is the central character in 7 out of the 10 books in the series

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