Why The Healer Deserves to be a Hero


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I can’t listen to the podcast at the moment (and therefore don’t know whether they’re mentioned) but Murray Leinster’s Med Ship stories and James White’s Sector General series deserve a mention for SF focused on a healer/medic as hero.


Also can’t listen to the podcast right now, but came here to point those out too.



Another nonlistener, come to mention Mad Max donating blood (willingly) in MM:FR.


Sorry, none of those were mentioned. But now you’ve got me interested so I’ll have to find them (and watch Mad Max, of course, but I was already planning to do that).


I was gonna say. “Never” is a strong word, especially with the entire Sector General series out there, which came long before Star Trek emphasized a humane future and Star Wars purported to show wildly different species living together, and which lasted 37 years before James White passed away.


Linden Avery is a healer and a hero in Stephen R. Donaldson’s “Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”.
She is the central character in 7 out of the 10 books in the series


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