Why U.S. streets are becoming deadlier for pedestrians

the newer trucks have the headlights up higher, and they are also a cooler bluish color which causes them to appear to be brighter at night.

My 2011 tundra has a towing package on it; one of the features I’ve used on it is the the ability to lower the headlights (obstinately to accommodate the tongue weight of the trailer or whatever’s in the cargo bed) so I’m not blinding the poor person who’s in a honda accord in front of me.

I’ve been blinded by newer trucks at night with their friggen blue-white LEDs that are throwing nearly a million candlepower forward, which turns into a major hazard and problem.

Yes, we do need to revise the regulations on that, but the outcry that will raise… ::shudders::

Also, a PSA: If you are driving at night, and a driver either flicks their brights at you (or turns their lights off then back on). CHECK YOUR OWN LIGHTS- You might have your brights on accidently (the US standard dash indicator is a blue headlamp icon) or one or more of your lights are out and should be checked before you get tagged by a cop.

(and finally, if you know you have a headlight out, for the love of all you hold dear DO NOT TURN YOUR BRIGHTS ON to compensate for it- It’s OK to have the ol’ One Eye Jack going until you can get to a part store to get the bulb replaced. (unless you have an LED module that costs several thousand bucks to replace coughFordwheeze))