Why you should be very concerned about Greenland's literal meltdown


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Global warming, feh!

The Invisible Hand of the Market is snapping off those ice sheets so they can be harvested for fresh water in drought-ridden California.



Luckily, a rising tide floats all boats. Here’s how all that lovely extra water will help ease the drought in the Sacramento area:
(It’s a neat tool if you want to know how vulnerable your area is to sea level rise)


[quote=“sme, post:3, topic:66130”]
Luckily, a rising tide floats all boats.[/quote]
We need to find a way to fix that. Otherwise people will take advantage of free flotation, a clear moral hazard.


Luckily there is a group of politicians who want NASA to stop studying climate related issues on Earth because then all this bad stuff will just go away


Hey, it worked in Canada when the long form census was returning too much usable data about our citizens that didn’t fit with Conservative doctrine; get rid of the census! Problem solved!


The Northern Pacific Warm Patch can only print its private tender on CO2 for 70 years until LA fingers it; and those cycles are getting shorter (public sector safe harbor pending.)


Run to the hills. … build a boat…


Wait, seriously…they got rid of the census? The country that has one of the best collections of vital records of any country? Like, one of the most basic jobs of government? How? How did that happen?


Stephen Harper.
This is a really good read.


OMG. This is a crime against the State. I am speechless…


Yup. Welcome to Texas north. (No offence to Texas.)


I commonly think about it in the term “Contempt of Canada” or “Contempt of Canadians”
This covers such abuse of our nation I believe. Though I don’t think it really carries the weight of the actual abuse. Elections cheating, de-funding and breaking of our scientific and library systems, erosion of our personal security and rights, abdication of protection of our environment to corporate interests, frequent attempts to limit our rights with unconstitutional laws that are defeated in court, appealed and defeated again and again spending so much of our money to fight us to keep bad laws. Thankfully our Supreme Court has been doing a pretty alright (not perfect) job of keeping the cons from a full out run on totalitarianism.


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