Why Ziya Tong likes the CocoJack

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This cloth is just made with a really high density of microfibers. It’s
got something like over a million per inch. It sweeps up all the

I bet it’s gluten- and thimerosal-free, too!


It is perfectly legal to block any device you choose from a wireless network you own and/or administer.

Many wireless routers allow an administrator to create blacklists, although generally they are limited to specific devices rather than an entire product. Cyborg Unplug (using FCC (US) and CE (EU) approved hardware) is just as legal, differing only in that it takes a ‘direct action’ approach to wireless defense: a detect-and-disconnect routine, alarm system and an automatically updated list of devices able to be banned.

NOTE: Detecting and disconnecting devices you prohibit from using your network using Cyborg Unplug is known as Territory Mode, and is the recommended mode for using the device. Disconnecting devices from using networks that are not yours (All Out Mode) may not be legal in your jurisdiction however. As such this mode is not recommended. Please be sure you are aware of local legal restrictions and the risks involved and understand that we take no responsibility for your choice to use this mode.

Yeah, “may not.” So this has two modes - snake oil mode (nobody is using your wifi for their surveillance devices) and federal crime mode.

Unfortunately, “Daily Planet” has become an advertising outlet for any company that has neat new products to flog. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but it stopped being a ‘science show’ a long time ago.

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Apparently only iDevice users eat seafood.

Or maybe that it’s they trust Android users to look stuff up on their own.


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Well gosh, who wouldn’t be a fan of a coconut opener? Here in Ohio, they have parades for them.

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As near as I can tell the CocoJack doesn’t make sense. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, (yeah, I know, no need to ask :), but if the coconut has not been husked yet then the CocoJack is useless (not big enough to get through the husk), and if it has been husked then the Jack is still too small to do anything except access the milk/water, and there’s no need for a Jack for that, just poke the soft “eye” of the coconut and out it comes.

So, uh, what benefit exactly does the CocoJack provide anyway?

(Maybe for turning it into a drink container? It actually is difficult to get the right angle with a machete.)

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