Wikipedia: Deleted articles with freaky titles




They took out my favorite Wikipedia article!


And that’s actually a real phenomenon! But maybe it really didn’t need a whole article to itself.


Article? I bought the book!


What, are they running out of 0s and 1s? Not enough room in the tubes for it?


Having perused that list, I’m not sure I want a Wikipedia without these articles.


I’m stunned Wingsuit Combat isn’t in there.


OK, now I’m dying to know what Partial Unbirthing Fetishism is.


If you just think through each word logically, you can probably work it out. Much safer than googling.


which was way better then the movie!


they should start a second site called wtf-ipedia and move the articles there.




i was actually going to suggest that first, but then realized that any repository with that name might as well be called spankbank. that would be an entirely different venture.


Just the other day I was discussing Cambodian scrotum thieves with a friend, and a point of contention came up. We were unable to resolve the issue. That Wikipedia let us down is bad enough. We couldn’t even get help from the library.

I guess they expect kids to learn about Cambodian scrotum thieves on the street.


I was into them before they sold out.


Don’t worry - I hear they’ll have more by the end of the week!


No, but arguably that’d work better organizationally as a subsection of the Mallard Duck article rather than an article all on its own.


“Read More Link-Induced Rage”


These sound like articles that belong on everything2 instead of uptight Wikipedia.


It’s Wikipedia, if it were created in the fiery depths of hell.