Wil Wheaton on voice acting and the virtues of therapy through Mario Kart

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The lack of, I dunno, worker consciousness in the comments to Wheaton’s piece is kind of breathtaking. “The voice actors have to be treated badly by the publishers, because otherwise they’ll have to start treating coders and developers well!” Lordy, we can’t have that. Where would that end? “We don’t have a union, so why should voice talent!?” Because you’re supposed to be smarter than a bucket of crabs?


SAG-AFTRA is trying to rig the system period. They already have cripplingly bad union rules in place that prevent developers from using in-house or non-union people to do ANY voice acting, and now they are trying to strike for royalties!?!?! The voice actors generally spend a few pretty pampered days or weeks in a rented studio space on games that take years. This is a shameless cash grab and isn’t about any tangible ‘corporate oppression’ of the poor little guy. This is about a fat cat union trying to extort more money for itself by strong-arming developers.

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