Will.i.am fighting for trademark on "I AM"


Will.i.am is going after Pharrell Williams, claiming that Pharrell’s application to register the name of his new company “I am OTHER” infringes on Will.i.am’s trademarks which apparently include the words “I AM.” “I am disappointed that Will, a fellow artist, would file a case against me,” Pharrell told Rolling Stone. "I am someone who likes… READ THE REST

Will.i.am wants the trademark on "I AM"

Hopefully Jesus Christ will be awarded prior art.


Or Dr. Seuss.



Aha, trying to horn in on all the Five Percenters referring to themselves as “I AM,” in recognition of the inherent god-nature of black people, eh Will.i.am? I always knew you were Illuminati.

sometimes I wish the world was actually like this






Great! Another asshole to welcome to the fold…



Prior DescArtes.


Will.i.am, or Will.i.am not: that is the question:
Whether 'tis daft in the mind to suffer
His songs and utterings of outrageous nonsense
Or to take harm against another troubled,
And with opposing thumbs, end them?


Even older than Jesus Christ, from http://biblehub.com/exodus/3-14.htm

I prefer 1933, myself.




I do not like this trademark scam.
I do not like it, Will.i.am.


I’m glad that someone else realized that this is basically YHWH, meaning there is a claim of prior art of, say, 4000 years previous, give or take a few centuries.


I think Weasle might have something to say about this.


Litigo ergo sum…


A variant is also famously used by a certain sailor man.


Or Colin McCahon.