Will the new Nokia 3310 be the Nokia 3310-killer?


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Yes, the phone is made under license, but did you get a load of all the former Nokia execs at HMD Global Oy? The licensee is essentially everyone who ever worked on a Nokia phone!


With the revelation, i feel really disappointed. If they had made updates in the old design with that i mean keeping the same structure size, buttons and everything along with the things they have installed in the new 3310, it would have been much better. They have definitely ruined the design.


Questions are:

  • Will it have a battery down-compatible with the old 3310, so I can just get an original new battery for my old one?
  • That said, will my collection of old nokia chargers fit the new one?
  • Did they modify he design for better aerodynamics?
  • Will it blend?


Ban this sick filth.


Will there be a Vertu version?


The upgrades to the new version are sort of ok, but i’m not sure they are necessarily what i was expecting. Though i don’t know what i would want from a modern version of it.

Maybe Nokia should embrace the indestructible image of the old phones and run in that direction? Make extremely rugged specialized phones?


Blue Tattoo. A burner phone with a qwerty keyboard. The whole thing is smaller than the palm of my hand. Best phone I’ve ever had. The OS is shit of course.


Well, I guess the only real way to find out will be to ram them into each other at high speed, automotive crash test-style.

I get the feeling the classic 3310 will survive.


China will already sell you a cheap as shit, perfectly functional ruggedized phone. I’m onto my second one now. They’re great.


Oh, dear lord, I’d have that Blu Neo in a heartbeat if they’d even just give it three year old Android phone internals. I’d love a decent Android phone with a slide-out QWERTY.


What happened to the first one?


There’s definitely already existing ones, but i was talking specifically about Nokia. I don’t really understand what they are trying to get out of trying to rehash the 3310 phone. If one were to ignore just name recognition and nostalgia, then one of the major factors is the idea that the phones are “indestructible” so i’m disappointed that they didn’t try to run with that aspect in designing something new.


I damaged its Achilles heel: I dropped it with the charging cable in and snapped off the little bit inside the micro usb port. It still works, just it needs the battery taking out and clipping into a charger. I used it like that for about another six months, then bought a newer, faster one. Still only a hundred and fifty quid though.


I didn’t see any mention of the most basic 3310 test:

Hold it out at arm’s length. Drop on concrete floor. Does the phone care? Do you feel even the slightest bit nervous?

Now do that again every single day for a month.


Real qwerty keyboards are a beautiful thing.


I dunno, this looks a little big. I may need more lube.


I could never stand having to talk with the mic halfway up my cheek, and my large hands all cramped as I’m forced to awkwardly pinch the tiny chiclet-thing I’m holding up to my head.


According to multiple commenters on the Ars Technica article on this phone it’s only 2G (or maybe 2.5G) and won’t work in the USA on many carriers (and probably all in the near future).


Too late, (old, original) Nokia already did that, way back when:

(Yes, that’s a hex grid level, yes, that’s Snake_s_, multi player combat snake. And yes, I had an n-gage. Still have a couple around, in fact)

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