Win free tickets to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco!

Flying in from SEA
3 year anniversary
2 tix 4 us, plz

A flurry of flags
On the other haikus is
A winning tactic

ETA - Can’t go anyway. Just wanted to join the fun. :smile:


is the Cashmere Cat
able to catch the Deadmau5?
this I need to see

deep bass resonates
music clears the foggy bay
ripples of applause

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Take me to a place.
A place with music as gold.
An island of soul.

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islands in the stream
where music and food collide
is my fake empire

(yeah, em-pire is 2 syllables…

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Every part of me
Will do what it takes to see
Father John Misty

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I left my heart there
Please give me a really good reason
to go back

beat of the island
For me and my sweet brown love
Together at last

I don’t really want
to win tickets, but I like
a haiku challenge.


Much music and dance
All day and into the night


I work nine to five
So please give me the chance to
wear fleurs in my hair


good dead mice event
very nationalistic
boing boing-y as well

Long have I waited
To see CHVRCHES and Big Grams
Perform their new songs

Short sets. Gross Bathrooms.
Pricey Foods. Ugh and people.
Ahh I cannot wait!

silent disco sound
zero conflicts for the win
san francisco bay

Father John misty
Enraptured by a stunning
FKA and co.

Lit up jellyfish
Pulsating vibes after dark
FKA will bloom

clear shallow water
weave through the silky pebbles
then become tranquil

behold spectacles:
an island full of treasure.
boingboing hooked it up.