Win free tickets to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco!

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Haiku: Poetry.
Of limited syllables,
Always makes me smile.

dance to the music
my music is my treasure
we can all dance dance

baby, we’ll be fine,
not exactly, down the line,
though he would have laughed.

Blues is my business
But I am too poor to go
I need two tickets!

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I am a pirate
Just searching for my treasure
And music is gold

thirty-three years past
T.I. was my naval base
I’d love to go back

Crowds roar and drums bang
Dee Jays cut and B-Boys dance
All I want is a chance

Fun under the bridge
Excitement and wonderment
Treasure it for life

I’ve Been Every Year
But No Job Means No Tickets
Help Freeze My Butt Off!

Also It’s Snowing on Mount Fuji.

Music lifts my soul
And dancing out of control
Opens my heart wide

You and your haiku
Can’t we have a villanelle
It would be more fun

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Don’t live by the Bay
But the festival sounds fun
How about some flights?


would love to partake
for drinks and music and fun
wrong continent though

Dredged from the bottom
Of the San Francisco Bay,
Treasure Island rocks!

My eyes can’t refrain
To sneak behind the speakers
And watch the sunset

There once Nantucket,
Whose dick was, so he suck it.
(No hard coolers please.)

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Stork beak dips an orange
Bugle into blue water,
Fish sings of clouds.


Sunset-coloured crowds
Pulse in unison, arms raised.
I should be there too.


Dance butt off on Sat.
Jam out to crunchy tunes, Sun.
Treasure Island fun.