Winc will hook you up with 12 of the world’s best wines for less than $8 a bottle

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For the first time in a long time, something out of the Boing Boing store I would be interested in…and it’s only available in the US.


Once you sign up with this company, the next 12 bottles will be twice as expensive. I wonder how many of their members have been around longer than 6 months. They hook you in with a big discount then you have to disentangle yourself.


It’s like the “Columbia house” music mail order racket, but for wine!


Anyone have a good source for online wine in the US? I was just about to start looking anyway.

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Yeah, a lot of these Boing Boing shop offers have frankly seemed kind of shady for some time now. Nonetheless, I am on the lookout for wine delivery.

Yeah, take a look at the comments on their Instagram. Customers are waiting a long time, with no communication from Winc, for their delivery.

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