Wind so intense that these cyclists can't pedal into it


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Run yesterdays leg the other way, set some records? :thinking:


We’ve secretly replaced these cyclists steroids with LSD, lets watch what happens.


I experienced wind very nearly too intense to pedal into it just a few weeks ago (there were only a few spots where the wind-tunnel effect forced me to get off and walk the bike).

This, however, was a whole nother thing…


Why are they complaining? It’s just like a water hazard in golf - just makes the game more interesting.


Reverse the course of course…


I was thinking that. I found another vid - - more clips, and no audio (well, obnoxious mute-worthy music).

Without the context, it just looks like some very drunk cyclists!



Michael McDonald’s backing vocals for “Ride Like the Wind” immortalized on SCTV:

Also, the SCTV sketch immortalized on Yacht Rock:


Well, I guess that explains their stubborn refusal to turn around.


God damned Mimies. I knew the Tour de FRANCE would take its toll on the sport


Wind so intense that these cyclists can’t pedal into it

Just in time for Taco Tuesday!


Why was the guy on the dirt bike having problems, seems like he could easily beat all the cyclists.


All your life you’ve never seen
A woman taken by the wind


In the Netherlands instead of cancelling it, they would program on that day the National Headwind Cycling championships, after checking the weather report for weeks for a suitable day. And ride against it on a city bike. Although the city bike might be better in this case, carbon frames seemed to have a tendency to fly.


Yeah but what’s the excuse of the guy on the Suzuki?


Raise your hand if you’ve forgotten how to ride a bike… ! !


I live in Cape Town, close to where that video was shot. That wind is a Cape Town feature. It gets called the Cape Doctor because it blows all the pollution out to sea and keeps the air clean. It’s more usually just called the Southeaster (because, yeah, direction), and only blows in Summer.

It’s a huge pain in the butt as a resident because it makes opening gates/doors very tricky while it’s shrieking around the house, and my street is perfectly aligned to function like a wind tunnel. I’m moving soon, and I won’t miss it.
A rather interesting fact about this year’s Cape Town Cycle Race is that it was due to be shortened due to residents of an informal settlement blocking the route with rubble as a protest against poor living conditions. Thanks to the wind, their protest got sidelined.


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