Windows 10 now "infested with annoying ads"


Four years of mandated windows.


Shit! My souffle!!


The botnet’s souffle?


It’s gyroscopically stable.

Unless we’re talking about PHP/MySOUFFLE.


Shit, my souffle!


…Aaaand we have a meme. @beschizza, make it so.


I forked MySOUFFLE. I git the production version was unstable. Something something chef recipes.


better than “Shit: My Souffle!”


Shit my souffle. Plz.

Thnx. Although that looks more like an ice-cream than a souffle.


I’m going to have to ask you to clean that up.


Also, Mac nerds angrily switching to Windows was the computing equivalent of voting for Trump. The sick, sweet schadenfreude of watching the results gives me no pleasure. None at all!

And the lack of Apple Hardware Diversity is the equivalent to the rust belt disappearance (or Tatchers politics) then? :smile:

Personally Windows only notified me once of “edge’s advantages”. What I find infuriating is the new “default” apps control panel, which not only does not replace the previous “let’s assign an app to an extension” system, but is cumbersome and designed so the average (read: lazy) user will not bother to change the default app.


And it only took 3 years.


Souffle must be the next meme. I mean, just look at it.


They do banana souffles?


I approve


…is just a wav editor though really, and tbh is better or as good as most of the other paid options out there. it’s not trying to be a DAW.


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