Windows 10 now "infested with annoying ads"

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Usually in computing you tend to get what you paid for. In this case Microsoft is kindly giving you what you didn’t pay for, so it’s a win-win situation.

This annoying notification brought to you by the Department of Alternative Facts.


I don’t think there is a computing equivalent to voting for trump, because if you don’t like Mac or Windows, there’s always Linux. Feel the Bern!


But hey, Google isn’t telling me to use Chrome every time I visit with another browser…


That may be marginally acceptable if you actually Windows 10 for free, but it is little comfort for those who paid.


Not strictly computing, but Facebook. People think it’s going to give them something for free, but actually it serves another purpose entirely.


Every site asks me why I’m not using it’s app or browser or service.

It’s like everyone wants me to use their products. Golly.


These are a bit irritating, but this is a promotion for Edge (which is free and already installed), a promoted app in the appstore and a promotion for one drive which is effectively a paid upgrade to windows 10 (in that it gives you extra cloud storage for a fee).

I wish they’d all go away, but it’s hardly “infested with advertising”.


There’s a bit of a difference between a website that you occasionally visit advertising other related products to you, and having your operating system that you see whenever you are using your computer to do anything advertising products that are completely unrelated to anything you are doing at the time.


I’m just 2 weeks away from retirement, just as my company rolls out Windows 10. Mostly I was happy not to get up at 6am every morning. Now not having to deal with Windows is another bonus.


I’m really happy with my decision to keep Windows 7 on my main computer, so far. I tend to think of it as “Peak Windows.”

It used to be that Windows was like Star Trek movies and every other one was the good one. With 10 MS broke that trend. Sure it’s better from the stability and security standpoint, but pretty crappy from a “do I own this device or what” perspective.


Boy am I glad I decided to stick with Windows 7 for my non-Mac computing needs.


Win10 is constantly advertising office365 and onedrive to me. Despite me taking every action I can to stop it. It even keeps starting up onedrive on me and advertising to me at random times, even though I’ve explicitly gone into onedrive’s settings and told it not to start on boot. I don’t use these products, I don’t want these products, I keep taking steps to get rid of them and they keep coming back.

When getting rid of the ads feels like trying to get rid of cockroaches, it qualifies as an infestation in my opinion.


Yes, of course, but that didn’t make it completely clear where your alternative facts diverge. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t have been the first to consider Windows 10 free.

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Makes me glad I haven’t updated any of my Windows machines to 10. If I could get my wife’s Windows games to run under Wine without any issues, I would switch her to Linux and just use Windows for my game playing.


Well some of us, such as VFX / motion graphics artists, have no choice but to use windows 10, as there are no alternative professional options in Linux for what I do, as the Adobe suite is industry standard. And you can recommend all the open source design freeware you want but it’s not gonna happen on a tight budget and deadline to use software with no support. And Apple has completely dropped the ball with their “Pro” machines on both the laptop and desktop fronts, so many of us literally have no option. And for the record, I’ve been using Win 10 for over a year on 4 workstations I built myself, and it’s fine. I need to have a recent, working OS. Every OS has its annoyances. OSX has actually become an unstable, buggy mess with regards to the most recent Adobe apps and more. Kind of like Windows used to be…


Not sure whether this will stop the advertising, but it might be worth a try…

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Out of interest, what version are you running?

I’ve got Pro both on my work and home machines, I’ve seen the “why not try Edge it’s better” message a couple of times. The only thing I’ve seen about One Drive is a notification that my free tier is full with a link to how to upgrade the storage.

Like I said they’re annoying, but I feel like up sells of Microsoft products are different from (e.g.) those versions of kindles you can get with advertising in them to make them cheaper.


This sounds like a setup for the tragic opening events of a buddy-coder movie.

At least we can be assured your grizzled partner and the cocky young upstart who he’s forced to work with will eventually get to the bottom of the case.


I got this for a bit at the beginning and don’t remember how I shut it off but I don’t get it anymore.
I keep wondering how much of it comes your way if you tie your login to the cloud login.
ETA : settings, system, notifications and actions, you can turn all kinds of stuff off there including the GET OFFICE.