Windows 10 defaults to keylogging, harvesting browser history, purchases, and covert listening

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Whoever decided to describe what is enabled by universal access to an’advertising ID’(umm, why does this feature even exist?) as “experiences across apps” needs a good, long, holiday in Cambodia.

(Edit: also, whoever started the “‘location services’ are all or nothing, either you let us track you all the time or you get zip, zero, nada, I don’t give a damn if you have GPS hardware perfectly capable of autonomous location fixes.” trend needs to die of bone cancer in a fire. I realize that multi-source location systems offer better time to fix at the cost of privacy; but outright disabling ‘just spit NMEA strings’ because you refuse to turn on full spook mode is just insulting. If this is the future, call me a Luddite.)


On top of that, if you want ads removed from Solitaire, you can’t even upgrade to an ad-free version, you have to pay $1.50 each month, or $10 each year - WTF?


Other than the location thing I turned it all off when I did my upgrade to 10 and it was actually pretty obvious where to hit I want to pick advanced options in the dialog boxes at least if you were paying attention to it. I was already using a local account and that migrated just fine. Still haven’t linked to a microsoft/outlook/azure account.

On the one hand they do have to pay for the ‘free services’ they offer you somehow on the other hand I haven’t checked if they offer here I will give you $$/year for providing this ad/tracking free and if it is still a service you can trust.


That’s useful for location-based services like, say, telling a retailer’s website where you are so it can give you the address of the nearest store.

So, it’ll work just like the ad system BB uses, which is currently showing me an ad for a local Audi dealer?


Yeah the new solitare thing is a pain and looks crappy too. Considering that and minesweeper was originally meant for an amusing way to learn to use the mouse I won’t mourn the loss much. I bet there are plenty of ad free options out there anyway at this point.


As an insider I have to have a microsoft account. However you can turn everything from cortana’s listening, to keylogging, to even the need for a MS account, off.

That it defaults to everything on is cruddy, but it’s very easy to turn off and it’s not in some super sekret hidden thing.

I have filed feedback reports about how I don’t like this behavior, however that was months ago. Might be time to file again. I recommend everyone on windows 10 hit windows key, and type in ‘feedback’ then click the thing that pops up. Then file reports that you want updates where all of these things are by default turned off and want these things to be opt in rather than opt out.

Microsoft keeps bragging at how many installs of 10 there are. if everyone files these reports that they do not want these things they can’t ignore it.


Did you get the one where you ‘volunteer’ to serve as a p2p node for windows update? That one is a bit off the beaten path, and on by default.


I saw some comments somewhere about being able to avoid some of this by buying the enterprise edition, is that true?

I remain tempted to get a Surface Pro and potentially the new Windows phones, but this doesn’t sound good. Although not much different from Google and Apple…


Yeah I think so, but that is one I don’t mind so much. Having had to deal with both servers and desktops that for whatever reason they think they didn’t need to update for over a year… so anything to help that along plus I don’t have a data cap right now. But if you do that is definitely one to go ummm maybe turn that off. Probably no worse than if you have bittorrent on all the time and most MMOs do torrent like distribution of their patches as well.

I am sure there is a way to copy Win7’s solitaire over to Win10 and just use that instead. Out of morbid curiosity, I am trying this now. So far, seems like there’s some dependencies that need to be sniffed out and copied with it.

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So why don’t you all use Linux?


All I have heard for enterprise edition is you can postpone updates. I can see where a lot of that would get turned off by default for company images but any large corporation is going to have their own custom tweaked image that will get installed over the factory image anyway.

aw, mang, before you know it P2P won’t be K3\/\/L anymore! What’s the fun in torrenting GoT if I have to share my packets w/ grammaw’s insulin-pump OS update?


This suggestion is usually unhelpful, regardless of which form it comes in (you should have used Linux/I don’t get viruses on my Mac/etc).

There are plenty of reasons to use any particular OS over another. No OS is perfect for all people or uses. Using a different OS isn’t always a viable answer to issues.


Cause supporting msft pays the mortgage though I also support some redhat boxes now and have always been pretty OS agnostic.
I have used linux, (debian, ubuntu and mint) in the past but usually have to fight with it much more than I do windows. Though I am also not a typical joeuser either.

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Also how much of similar things are on by default for an android device? iOS device?


I used Ubuntu when it was good. Then I used linux mint for a while.

Then I got sick of being virtuous and got a windows 7 oem so I could play skyrim.

Most people don’t use linux because the game selection sucks and libre office is trash even compared to MS office.


Maybe but office 2016 is a resource pig so I don’t care how much better it is if I can’t properly use it without eight gigs of ram and a quad core.


I will say I am happy that Steam/Valve are working hard to fix that.
And while Libre/Openoffice are nice Microsoft Office is still way better and what is used in most workplaces.