With 5G, 2019 reached peak bullshit

5G is one more G than 4G. That’s more than enough hype for most consumers, surely.


I was looking at buying a 5G Note 10 and then I realized when I researched what 5G actually is really isn’t very useful.

First of all it’s not a cohesive technology in practice- what is being called 5G is slightly different for every major network. The easy way to say this is the bandwidth they are all using is a different wavelength and you cannot get one phone on One Network right now and get it to work on another’s 5G.

You’re pretty much locked into whatever 5G Network you choose with the phone.

The main thing is 5G is extremely local only- much higher download and upload speed but very very limited in distance- like I’ve read in places 50 ft 2 maybe a hundred feet from a hotspot.

You aren’t going to be driving around even in a populated area and get this. It is something you only get if you are sitting down most likely at a restaurant or Cafe, or doing something when you are near captive at a certain location that happens to have it.

Basically if you think this is going to make the availability of the internet greater, you are sadly mistaken.

There really isn’t much as a consumer to be really enthused about here just another proprietary network with limited usage


Perhaps I’ve been overly enmeshed in U.S. politics, but surely the peak bullshit of 2019 had nothing to do with 5G.


25% MORE G!!!


Yeah, where I work the killer apps for 5G right now that everyone is talking about is Home Wireless ISP, so basically a 5G to Wifi converter for those who are either too lazy, poor, or in a renting situation and can’t pull fiber/copper into their home.

The other big big app is fleet and product management, because 5G allows for pretty much cubic centimeter grade geolocation. Every 5G beacon can also be used to figure out even what pocket your phone is in.

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Except!! States like Ohio and Florida have passed carrier-fellating laws that allow the building of 5G towers with no local review possible, so they have built 40-50 foot 5G towers in people’s front yards, in the grass strip between the sidewalk and street. And they’re doing it cheaply, so it looks like crap, and quickly so they can get them in before enough people complain that the legislature actually thinks about responding. Hundreds of thousands of these things are coming!



Fueling my Hayduke-ian / Durdenian fantasies. Thanks for the heads-up in case they try that noise where I live.


So 2018.


Exactly. This is not the way to tempt fate, because fate has demonstrated again and again s/he has a much bigger bucket of shit than you can even imagine.


Seems to me that the most interesting band is the UHF one stolen from TV broadcasters.
With the added bonus that, at least in some zone of Europe, will make flat screen TV with only DVB-T useless and forcing people to but the new “smart” ones.
I have a really nice DVD recorder that is easy to use for people accustomed to use VHS recorders. Select the channel, pop in a blank DVD, and press Record. Finalize and use the disc everywhere.
Try to to this with modern PVR…


It does feel a bit early, but could be correct. For people talking about it, anyway.

I remember going to an event in 2000 about WAP. (Remember WAP?)

At that point the only phone that could do WAP was the Nokia 7110, and it was pretty limited. A lot of the technical discussion focused around how WAP was designed to be limited. The phones couldn’t run a full HTML parser, and the networks couldn’t deliver the bandwidth to feed in large media or data sets. Funnily enough, one of the things being offered was a “WAP Transcoder” that could turn your HTML pages into a deck of WML cards.

There was a feeling in the room that whilst the networks would soon remove the limits on media with their 3G upgrades, the processing power on the device would remain an issue for a long time. With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that phone processing power and storage rapidly outstripped all expectations.


Looks like free electronics to me… *yoink*

what makes it 5g if it doesnt operate by the pre-detrmined 5g specs? are there any standards there that talk about 600 mhz 5g? i am asking cuz your company’s (and my provider’s) 5g almost looks like a workaround and not a real solution.


This year (the first year without cable) I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade via a stream from Verizon, who peppered the broadcasts with ads for their new 5G network and kept bragging about all of its wonders, the amazing speeds at which it was letting this stream happen, etc… as things fuzzed out and went to static.


I was looking at buying a 5G Note 10 and then I realized when I researched what 5G actually is really isn’t very useful.
First of all it’s

is exactly where I stopped reading.

(Sorry, @RandomDude – It’s post-peak bullshit, and I just don’t care.)

Strangely, the organization specifying 5G still calls itself the the 3G Partnership Project (3gpp). I lobbied to have them update it to 4gpp when I was working on LTE, but I guess they would have had to redesign the coffee cups or something.


5G can cure all the cancers that 4G caused!


Brought to you by 3gpp.

You’re correct in that 5G isn’t one thing. There’s the mmWave part, which is the part that will give gigabits per second provided you’re standing in exactly the right place, i.e., within 50ft of the base station. Then there’s the 600MHz / UHF part, which is intended to augment existing low band coverage. Then there’s the URLLC part which is being pitched as the IoT solution. Then there’s the sub-6GHz part which is supposed to balance coverage and throughput. Basically, LTE is finally deployed about everywhere it will ever be deployed, and this is what’s next.


No one forces you to read others comments.

Besides, I stopped giving a shit myself about it long before I posted that.

I stopped caring before you did. Thats what makes me cooler :roll_eyes: