Major vulnerability in 5G means that anyone with $500 worth of gear can spy on a wide area's mobile activity


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“People working outside the legal system” also includes law enforcement who spy without getting a warrant


5G has sounded unappealing from day one. So far i’ve read that the frequency may have trouble penetrating walls and the towers have a smaller footprint than 4G. On my commute there are plenty of 4G blackspots so 5G is going to be a massive step backwards.

But provided you are close enough to a tower with few obstructions you should have a great download speed… :muscle::roll_eyes:


There is more to 5G than the ultra high frequency stuff. In fact that’s probably going to be a fairly small use case in the grand scheme of things for the reasons you mentioned. It’s more of a solution for stadiums and concert venues than regular users. Most of the time you’ll be down in the same bands you use for LTE.


OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD Software defined radios are cheap and easy to use!!!

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD The students at MIT decided they didn’t like card keys so they used SDRs to reverse engineer the system and clone their card keys into other objects, like rings and watches and Oh, by the way, it works for every bloody card system in the whole world, then publicized it. AND it works for every card key access system in existence… Right now, not tomorrow.

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD You can buy a $25 dollar bit of equipment and listen to landline calls.

Can we please just stop?


I don’t think the network providers are approaching it that way.


Not to worry. I use this instead:


Their marketing departments aren’t, but it remains to be seen what the non-prototype deployments look like.


Nah. You haven’t even put on a Facetime show for the teens this past weekend. Plus this is good timing for 5G, it being a vaporware rollout and a standard newly irrupted with the chips proper not much booked.

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