After locals complain of poor signal, California cops raid home to find 5G jammer device

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Another fine example of conspiracy fools messing up everyone’s day


I guess Al foil wallpaper is off the menu because they are using it all for headwear.


Pfffft, those foolish cops just removed the Covid protection that device was providing Morgan Hill, CA. /s


Interesting…my county’s emergency communication team clearly needs to up their game! :thinking: They struggle with tech, outages, and staffing. I doubt they could have been as successful in a similar situation. Maybe there are more CA tax dollars at work.


Was I the only one who was curious about the jammer and how much it cost but was afraid to click on the link because…

Its A Trap Movie GIF by Star Wars


Bill Gates and George Soros must be very happy those nano-transmitters in the vaccines are back on-line.


If one presumes that this person is a Qnut jamming 5G because it’s evil for unspecified reasons, or is one of those “EM sensitivity” nuts, then they should look up how jammers work. They produce a whole lot more of the radio frequencies in question. You can’t “erase” or “block” radio signals with a device like that. What they are doing is flooding the band with noise at a higher power factor than is reaching nearby devices from the tower.

So, you know, making your imaginary problem 100x worse.


On the good-news side of the equation, Uncle Charlie does not take kindly to people deliberately jamming the airwaves, and they have a long history of meting out serious fines and punishments for violators. With luck, the idiot who ran this will be given years of prison time to serve as a warning to other anti-5G people with similar ideas.

Oh, and to any anti-5G people who may be reading this: radio emissions follow the Inverse Square Law, which means the closer you are to a transmitter, the more RF you are exposed to. A jammer in the same house as you exposes you to far more powerful radiation* than you could possibly get from a nearby cell tower.

As a bonus, if you’re the type who believes “cell phone radiation causes health issues,” a jammer emits signals on a wider band of frequencies than an ordinary transmitter. In the unlikely event you are physiologically capable of having an adverse reaction to a low power signal at a specific frequency, a jammer is far more likely to emit the bad frequency than a controlled transmitter.

* Non-ionizing radiation, which is not the same thing as nuclear radiation.

EDIT Inverse Square Law, not Inverse Cube Law.


Maybe one will melt a chocolate bar and invent the miQwave oven…


What I find astounding it is that it’s only $120.

At that price it joins high power lasers as something that idiots who don’t realize the consequences of their action can afford.


Best Boing Boing Shop post ever!


If someone in that city had a medical emergency and could not contact first responders and suffered for it, this idiot would be looking at waaay more jail time.

Of course, since they’re in the U. S. where our unofficial motto is “it’s all about me” this comes as no surprise.



It seems to me that the guy who lives in the house with the big black box that has a half dozen antennas sticking out of it and is labeled “Signal Jammer” might be a good person to investigate. But maybe that just comes from me watching too many cop shows on TV.


Treadin’ that fine line between curious and stupid is my thing.

Honestly impressed that you can take down a significant area for $120.


Hope those were rare, mask-wearing cops, because I’m gonna take a stab and say that resident is unvaccinated


This looks like the kind of jammer that is sometimes bought and deployed by prisons to prevent inmates from using smuggled cell phones, and possibly to jam remotely controlled drones.

The frequencies they jam are not the VHF frequencies used by the guard or police radios, so they don’t interfere with the normal operation of the place.

Theoretically they’re just as illegal in a prison as they are in a neighborhood, but unofficially nobody cares because the USA loves its prisons and hates its prisoners.


Why do I keep reading “Qnut” as Qunt


So I live in a very pro that last guy that was president county. Many flags still flying and a few f**k Biden flags.

I won’t block signals because I’m afraid of jail but…

I do have a couple old routers that can each broadcast 5 SSIDs. In my neighborhood when they search for open networks, because stealing is okay when they do it, they find a bunch of pro democrat anti nut job networks.

It amuses the crap out of me.